Begin and end your special trip at the Gwangju UTOP Boutique Hotel & Residence, a complex smart hotel.

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The people's choice complex smart hotel!

The 488 rooms are divided into residence and hotel styles for long- and short-term stays,
so you can use the type of room that best suits your preferences.
Located in the center of Sangmu District, the commercial center of Gwangju, the hotel is convenient for businessmen who need to move around and also suitable for carrying out public affairs near Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall.

It has small- and medium-sized meeting rooms for banquets and meetings, allowing various events to be held, while inside the hotel is the luxurious and emotional restaurant Flora, and The Born Korea store where you can select from various menu items at reasonable prices.

4-way check-in/check-out system

company 01Kiosk company 02Mobile company 04Front desk

You can check in or out via kiosk, a convenience store, the front desk, and even by mobile.
An AI-complex smart hotel that has introduced 4-way check-in & check-out service that includes contact-less and face-to-face options.
GiGA Genie and an AI speaker are set up in the suite room, so you can conveniently use various systems equipped with voice recognition.

The start of a smart and comfortable journey

All rooms are equipped with premium goose down bedding for your comfort and a smart TV with Internet access, so you can enjoy a special rest.

company 05Finest goose down bedding company 06Smart TV