Enjoy a feast of fantastic flavors in the dining section of the UTOP Hotel, where a healthy breakfast made with seasonal ingredients and a variety of gourmet brands meet.

Traditional Japanese Restaurant, Bigeum

Traditional Japanese Restaurant, Bigeum

Bigeumdo Island, located in the west of Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, consisting of more than 1004 islands.
Bigeum is located in Bigeumdo Island, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, along the coast on a clean sea and beautiful rocky cliffs.
It is an inspired authentic Japanese restaurant that means that it will expand its status with taste, just as it means that birds spread their wings.

Reservation and inquirytel. 062-370-8030

  • Location

    The 2nd floor.

  • Operating hours.

    Weekday | Lunch 11:00 ~ 15:00 / Dinner 17:00 ~ 01:00

    Weekend |Lunch 13:00 ~ 15:00 / Dinner 17:00 ~ 01:00

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