Enjoy a feast of fantastic flavors in the dining section of the UTOP Hotel, where a healthy breakfast made with seasonal ingredients and a variety of gourmet brands meet.

Restaurant ‘Flora’

Restaurant ‘Flora’ (Restaurant ‘Flora’)

Inspired by Flora, the goddess of flowers and abundance in Roman mythology,
the restaurant Flora aims to give you happiness with the best service and quality and a sincere dining menu, meaning that guests make the restaurant bloom brightly.

Reservations and enquiriestel. 0507-1445-8040​

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  • Location

    3rd floor

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  • Information use / Use guidance / Use guide

    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    Time Weekday 07:00 ~ 10:00
    Weekend 07:00 ~ 11:00
    11:30~14:00 17:00 ~ 21:00 (Last Order 20:00)
    Menu Breakfast Buffet Menu:galbitang, bulgogi, dried yellow corvina
    Order base
    Main steak + special buffet + dessert trolley
    Pre-booking required on site, 'Naver Reservation Platform'
    Price List price for an adult: KRW 28,000 ▶ Discounted price for an adult: KRW 25,000
    List price for a child: KRW 15,000 ▶ Discounted price for a child: KRW 13,500
    (A discount is applied when the guest pays at the front desk or restaurant before 23:00 the day before)
    Menu : KRW 18,000 ~ * Adult : KRW 99,000 / Child : KRW 69,000
    * Weekday 30% discount & Signature Welcome Drink
    Adult : KRW 69,300 / Child : KRW 48,300
    * Weekend 20% discount & Signature Welcome Drink
    Adult : KRW 79,200 / Child : KRW 55,200

    * Seafood Dinner Buffet is available for pre-booking on 'Naver' reservation site'.

    - Discount: 10% for guests and UTOP Hotel premium members, 20% for VIP members, and 30% for VVIP members

    - 10% VAT is included.

    - 'Child' means more than 48 months and less than 13 years old.

    - Some operating hours or charges may change on depending on the day.

    - Separate prices apply for first birthday parties and group events.

    - Operating hours may change depending on the circumstances.

    - Please complete the entry procedures by using a QR code or by writing your information down

    - For the health and safety of users, please wear a mask, and please understand that if you do not wear it, you may be restricted from entering the restaurant.

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